Madden Day 2005

Wednesday, August 11th, 2004 @ 11:29 pm | Sports

Mmm. National Madden Day.

Madden 2005 is supposed to come out tomorrow, but some stores are selling it a day early. For instance, Wal-Mart had a vast number of copies in the electronics section. I felt compelled to grab one after picking up some pain killers for my knee (which, after the first pill, feels much better).

It’s amusing what a huge deal Madden has become. At 9 PM, there were four of us in the electronics department waiting for the clerk to unlock the game case. One person was taking odds whether Ray Lewis would get seriously hurt this season.

When I got home, I remembered that there’s a Special Edition available that features playable versions of three old 16-bit Madden’s (ah, mis-spent youth) among the bag of goodies. Tomorrow, I’ll return the unopened Madden 2005 box and see if Wal-Mart’s carrying the Special Edition.

Oh yeah, the Patriots are apparently quite stacked in this years game. That’s definitely a plus.

If anybody’s looking to play online, I’ll occasionally be on with the name ESJablair, though most likely not until I get back from vacation in two weeks.

Does anybody know if PS2 users and Xbox users can play against each other? I’d suspect not, but I don’t recall seeing anything definite.

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