T-Mobile’s Coverage?

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2004 @ 12:21 am | Gadgets

Anybody know what T-Mobile‘s coverage is like in the eastern Massachusetts area? My contract’s nearly up with Verizon and I’m leaning towards switching providers so I can get a Bluetooth-enabled phone that’ll work with iSync.

The coverage map doesn’t look too bad, but then again, I also remember Sprint‘s coverage map showing decent coverage around the Albany area when I was heading there for school. In the end, decent coverage turned out to be “sitting on the center cushion of the couch or sticking my head out the window.”

Theoretically, Verizon will have the Motorola V710 at some point, but from what I’ve read, they do a pretty decent job of locking down a lot of what you can do with Bluetooth.

One Response to “T-Mobile’s Coverage?”

  1. Mike Czepiel Says:

    if by Eastern MA you mean anywhere near Boston or Providence… then you should be OK. It’s embarrassing to not really have signal at my house (North Attleboro MA) or along some stretches of 95 between here and North Kingstown RI.

    it goes without saying you won’t have the same reception as you would with Verizon, but you won;’t be totally locked into their aging system or phone offerings.

    PS I have a t68i which is notorious for horrid RF reception so that may be the problem…Still It’s aggravating eking out an existence with 1-2 bars. Though when the planets are aligned just right the signal at least stays consistent.