Boston vs Montreal, Game 5

Thursday, April 15th, 2004 @ 11:04 pm | Sports

Still 13 to go.

What’s the word I’m looking for? Oh yeah, “Disaster.”

I think there should be adjective there. How about “Unmitigated.”

Unmitigated disaster.” Yeah, I think that sums up game 5.

The Bruins actually came out strong at the start of game 5, but about halfway through the first period they turned the puck over and let Yanic Perreault come in on Andrew Raycroft unmolested. 1-0, Montreal.

Then the Bruins came out slow in the second period. Eventually, the Canadiens had a 3-on-2 advantage and, thanks to some nifty puck movement, got Alexei Kovalev and clean shot on goal. 2-0, Montreal.

Flash ahead to the third period. After emerging from the penalty box after serving a double-minor, Joe Thornton attempted to spin with the puck at his own blue line. Sadly, he forgot the puck. Richard Zednick was kind enough to clean up Joe’s mess and put the puck in the net. 3-0, Montreal.

The Bruins broke the monotony with a goal of their own by Glen Murray, but the euphoria was short-lived. The Bruins attempted to kill off back-to-back 2 man advantages for the Canadiens. They failed in each attempt. 5-1, Montreal.

Raycroft still made some very nice saves during the game, but his teammates left him far too exposed. Raycroft has proven he’s capable of many things, but if the Bruins ask him for many more repeats of tonight’s performance, it will be a short post-season.

The one bright point from the game was the behavior of the fans during the Canadian national anthem. The Bruins chose not to record a message asking for fans to respect both anthems. When Rene Rancourt began to belt out the words to “Oh, Canada,” some morons decided to boo. They were quickly drowned out, though, by the massive ovation that lasted the duration of the anthem.

Game 6. Saturday night, 7 PM.

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