Getting Down With the Dickness

Thursday, March 25th, 2004 @ 1:49 am | Entertainment

After thinking about it for far too long, I finally broke down and bought Richard Cheese’s Lounge Against the Machine from iTMS.

There was much silent rejoicing as I fired up the iPod to listen to my latest acquisition. Somewhere during the first song, though, I realized I’d made a terrible mistake — I purchased the edited version of the album.

Some songs, like Fire Water Burn by the Bloodhound Gang, are actually better when edited. That wasn’t the case for Lounge Against the Machine. The editing job really took away from the Richard Cheese Experience.

In most cases, Apple’s been pretty good about labelling albums as either Explicit or Edited, but somebody dropped the ball this time. The explicit version is marked as such, but the edited version is missing the tag.

Normally, my brain would spend a few cycles considering this conundrum and decide it was better to buy the explicit version. However, I stumbled across Lounge Against the Machine by searching for Blink 182. This lead me to track 10 on the edited album, What’s My Age Again (Originally by Blink 182). Had I instead searched for Blink-182, I’d have found all the Blink-182 albums and the explicit version of Lounge Against the Machine.

After I explained the situation, the kind customer service folks at the iTMS refunded the $9.99 I spent on the edited version. I promptly deleted those files and purchased the explicit version of the same album. I was told this was the only refund I could ever get, but since it’s one more refund then I ever expected, I’m not complaining.

On another Richard Cheese note, I saw Dawn of the Dead tonight and it included Dick’s cover of Disturbed’s Down with the Sickness. Classic. I really need to pick up Tuxicity at some point.

Oh yeah, the moral of the story — if you think an album you want from the iTMS might be explicit and isn’t marked as such, check to make sure you’re not buying the edited version.

One Response to “Getting Down With the Dickness”

  1. adam Says:

    yeah i freaked out when i heard d.w.t.s. on dawn of the dead great version