I’m Not Dead Yet

Sunday, January 4th, 2004 @ 4:59 pm | Site

Almost a month without an update. Pathetic. No excuses. I’ll try to be better in the future.

On the bright side, I’ve finally taken up the Jon Gales challenge and posted my blogroll. It’s in the right sidebar, replacing the People I Know and Places I Go sections. The only sites that didn’t survive the transition from my custom link list to the new blogroll are Symphony Sound and C-Command. If I ever get around to redesigning this site, I’ll try to add a link section for cool non-weblog sites.

The reason for finally adding a blogroll is that I discovered Chad Everett’s Outliner plugin for Movable Type. Outliner converts the contents of an OPML file into something I can use with MT tags.

I looked at the Blogroll plugin, but I didn’t really like it because I couldn’t manipulate the output in the MT templates. Outliner gives me control over just about everything. Tis very slick.

Also, Chad is quite responsive. With the exception of a few obvious groups, my feed list in NetNewsWire is rather disorganized. I asked Chad about a “sort” option for Outliner on December 28th and he’d released a new version of Outliner by the 30th.

Now, updating my blogroll is quite simple.

  1. Export the OPML file from NetNewsWire.
  2. Open in BBEdit to remove newline characters from description element since these seem cause errors in the output from Outliner.
  3. Upload MySubscriptions.opml to raoli.com.
  4. Rebuild the index page.

If I put some thought into the process, I could probably automate steps 1 — 3. I’m not so sure about step 4.

2 Responses to “I’m Not Dead Yet”

  1. jayseae Says:

    Wondering if you can send me a copy of your raw, unedited OPML file? I’ll take a look and see if I can handle #2 for you. 🙂

  2. jayseae Says:

    The newline problem should be fixed in Outliner 1.2, available now. Please let me know if you see any further problems!