That Voodoo(Pad) That You Do

Tuesday, December 9th, 2003 @ 11:04 pm | Mac

I started playing with VoodooPad Lite on Monday and I so far I’m really impressed. I’d been looking for some sort of “knowledge tracker” system so I can get better organized at work and wasn’t having much luck.

I tried StickyBrain when Apple was giving it away to .Mac users, but it didn’t really click with me.

After that, I installed Blosxom. I would have tried Movable Type, but I was attracted to Blosxom OS X installer because I didn’t have a lot of time to muck around.

The locally hosted weblog worked for a bit, but I found that I was spending more time crafting the HTML so my notes would format correctly than I was on the actual content. Furthermore, when I installed Panther, it replaced the /Library/WebServer folder with a newer version and I never bothered to rescue my Blosxom pages from the depths of the /Previous System folder.

Finally, I stumbled upon Voodoo Pad Lite when I read about Gus Mueller’s attempt at using a “girlie” icon to shame folks into upgrading to the full version. So far, it does everything I want. I can jot down notes about different tasks, have my notes linked together, link to email threads, link to source code files, and link to pretty much anything else that strikes me as a good idea. I just invest a little up-front time to generate the links and they’re ready whenever I need them in the future.

Of course, I’ve already submitted some bug reports and feature requests for future versions of VoodooPad Lite. No, I’m not asking for features from the full version to migrate down to the Lite version, that’s really not fair. I’m requesting fixes and features that I think will help both applications and probably don’t qualify as big enough to limit to the full application. Of course, that’s just my humble opinion. In the end, it’s really up to Gus where these things fall.

By the way, the icon/shame thing isn’t working, but the feature request/guilt thing sure is. 🙂 Although the vast majority of the stuff in the full version doesn’t interest me (though clippings and Unix script output sound nice), I’ll probably upgrade if the features I’ve requested for Lite make their way into both apps just because I’ll feel bad having asked for all this free stuff!

2 Responses to “That Voodoo(Pad) That You Do”

  1. sps Says:

    Hopefully this question doesn’t get lost in the ether, but I’m curious: amongst those things you asked for, could tabbed pages be one of them? I just started using VoodooPad Lite, but I definitely think this would be a good feature. Something along the lines of how Adium utilizes different window style preferences. thanks.

  2. Eric Blair Says:

    I didn’t request tabs, but I know other folks have, at least according to the Flying Meat Feature Request List for the full version of Voodoo Pad.

    Most of what I suggested were small usability tweaks – things like a new keyboard shortcut and preserving all open pads at quit. Tabs seems like a more major thing that I wouldn’t feel comfortable asking for unless I paid for the full version.