The Farmer’s PowerBook II

Monday, November 24th, 2003 @ 11:07 pm | Mac

Got my PowerBook back from Apple… again :-). Hopefully, this will be the last time for the forseeable future that I have the need to ship off the system for repair.

So what was the damage this time around? Well, Apple replaced the latch system again — for the third time this month. I guess it was a little flaky, but it hadn’t been bothering me. Guess my standards aren’t quite as high as Apple’s.

Of course, this wasn’t the main reason I sent the laptop back for repair. My main complaint was that the PowerBook was randomly freezing to the point where I needed to power down the system and restart it. Running the Hardware Test CD showed a bad RAM chip, so we removed the offending chip and ordered a replacement. However, the problem remained and I returned the computer to the Apple Store.

The fix for the freezing ultimately turned out to be replacing the motherboard. I’m not sure if there was always a problem with the board or if something happened the last time I sent the system to Apple. In addition to replacing the board, Apple upgraded my processor from 800 MHz to 867 MHz. Since the form that accompanied my repair indicated the same processor could be used with a 667 MHz system, I assume it’s cheaper for Apple to just upgrade people when necessary as opposed to keeping around spare motherboards for every configuration.

At this point, I think the only original components left in my PowerBook are the two RAM chips and the Airport card.

I’ve been mucking around with my newly-repaired system for about 2 days now and it seems to be working fine. With luck, it’ll stay that way.

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