Stoking the Hot Stove

Monday, November 24th, 2003 @ 11:49 pm | Sports

Wow. Looks like Theo and company worked out a trade for Curt Schilling, pending Schilling agreeing to wave his no-trade clause. Schilling says he’ll come to Boston if he gets a contract extension. I have a feeling the Boston management knew what it was getting into when they made this deal, so I’m feeling very confident about their ability to close this deal.

In exchange, the Red Sox will send Casey Fossum, Brandon Lyon, Jorge De La Rosa, and Michael Goss to Arizona. I don’t know much about Goss and De La Rosa, but Fossum has been very hot-and-cold the few years he’s been in Boston and Lyon started off well last year but tailed off near the end.

Also, Lyon and De La Rosa were part of the aborted Scott Sauerbeck trade. Personally, I think packaging those two as part of deal for a pitcher like Schilling is much better than shipping them off for a situational lefty.

Theo and John Henry are heading out to Arizona tomorrow to try and hammer out a deal. They couldn’t go out tonight because Theo was taking in a Celtic’s game with Keith Foulke. Come on baby, let’s stoke the Hot Stove a little more 🙂

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