Silly Click-Through

Monday, November 3rd, 2003 @ 9:50 pm | Mac

John Gruber did a wonderful job of discussing click-through in OS X back in May. For the most part things have been fairly quiet on this topic since that time. However, I recently had my own pair of click-through incidents that caused me to revisit the issue.

The first such event was when I attempted to bring iChat AV to the front by clicking on my Buddy List. Unfortunately, my well-placed click was in the middle of Lee‘s telephone button.

As soon as I released the mouse, I knew what would happen — a little window would magically appear on Lee’s computer saying first that I wanted to talk and then that I’d changed my mind. Lo and behold, when I returned to my computer a few minutes later, there was a questioning IM from Lee waiting to great me. Fortunately, Lee’s an understanding fellow and when I explained what happened, we had a bit of a laugh. Were Lee not so understanding and level-headed, though, the results could have been disastrous. I shudder to think of the ensuing conversation had I accidentally clicked the telephone button of a hypothetical neurotic girlfriend… not there’s a conversation that won’t end well.

The second annoyance, while not having quite the same relationship-destructive powers of the first, came as a bit of a surprise.

So one of the benefits of using metal windows in the Finder is that you can drag a window around by any exposed metal. While I’m not a huge fan of metal windows, I thought the extra drag space would work nicely with the ability to Command-drag windows in the background (having them remain in the background, of course). In fact, there’s a nice long swarth of metal between the Action button and the Search field in the default toolbar.

A metal toolbar containing a flexible spacer

This apparently falls into the category of things that are too good to be true. Instead of moving the window when I started to Command-drag the window from this space, though, I ended up dragging the flexible spacer out of the toolbar. I then hit Escape to cancel the drag, but this apparently confirms the removal of toolbar items instead of cancelling it.

To be fair, I should note one aspect of click-through that is fixed in Panther — if you click the close button in an inactive metal window, it no longer brings the associated application to the front. Guess we’re progressing one step at a time.

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  4. Todd Says:

    That ‘remove-spacer’ click thru bug (yes, I went there.. i called it a bug) has bitten me many times!!! Let’s raise bloody hell tell apple fixes it! lol.