Fun With Cars II

Wednesday, September 17th, 2003 @ 2:23 am | My World

Oddly enough, this time it’s not my car having the “fun.”

It’s a few days after the fact, but Larry has a new car. May he keep this one longer than he kept the last, which was stolen within the first few days of ownership.

Hey, it seemed like it fit in with the overall car theme…

Main point — my kid brother Dan’s car got creamed over the weekend. Somebody apparently had difficulty grasping that there are several cases where you should use the break. One such case is when you’re making a left turn. Another such case is when the car in front of you isn’t moving.

My brother acted correctly, following the first of these cases. The Induhvidual behind him managed to forget/ignore both of them.

Fortunately, my brother’s fine. The car behaved as designed, rear end crumpling instead of jumping into the middle of the intersection. However, there’s now one less Honda Accord owner in the family (if I remember correctly, it was a 1998).

I’ll say one thing about the kid — he’s got his priorities in order. My folks came down to pick him up and the car was about ready to be towed away but, damnit, my brother wasn’t going anywhere without his golf clubs. 🙂 He and my folks convinced somebody to tear out the back seat so said clubs could be rescued.

I spoke to Dan on Monday and he’s fine, though possibly a little pissed he wasn’t able to get out of class because of the accident. He’s getting a 2003 Mitsubishi Outlander to replace the Accord. After having my own SUV experience, I wouldn’t be rushing out to buy one, but I realize it’s quite useful for a college student to have the extra cargo space for moving in and out of the dorm (not to mention the obligatory road trip).

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