Quick Red Sox Thoughts

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2003 @ 11:12 pm | Sports

I’m going to do some Red Sox Quickies here since they’ve been busy while I was offline.

I went to the Red Sox — Blue Jays game on Saturday with my brother Dan. Great game, great seats — if you extended the first base foul-line through home plate and into the stand, I was sitting on the line in the 11th row.

The fellow the row behind me and one seat to the right caught a foul ball that rebounded off the press box. Closest I’ve ever come to one of those 🙂

The Red Sox wives were giving out autographed photos (of their husbands) in exchange for a donation of food or money to The Greater Boston Food Bank. I made my donation and chose a Trot Nixon autograph. I was afraid I jinxed him when he started the game 0 — 4, including a botched bunt in the 8th. I felt redeemed when he drove in the game winning run.

That run was set up by a hustle infield single by Jeremy Giambi, in his first at bat since being banished to the disabled list in 1922. I thought that might be the start of something good for him (indeed, he followed that hit with a 2 — 3 performance 2 days later), but tonight he single-handedly cost the Red Sox a run by loafing it to first base and subsequently getting thrown out at second. The Red Sox were up by a run at the time, so that could have been huge. Fortunately, the Red Sox exploded for 7 in the 7th, but the fans didn’t let Giambi off the hook, booing him in his next at bat.

Finally, the Brandon LyonScott Sauerbeck trade. I like Brandon Lyon. He bailed the Sox out many time, including his memorable shut-down of the Yankees two months ago. He’s scuffled a bit as of late, though, so his trade value may never have been higher. Also, the Yankees were apparently in the hunt for Sauerbeck and had to settle for Jesse Orosco once the Sox beat them to the punch. Sauerbeck’s under contract for 2 years, I believe. The Pirates have Lyon for up to the next 5 years. We’ll see how well this one works.

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