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Wednesday, July 23rd, 2003 @ 10:28 pm | Mac

When I returned from work yesterday, my answering was waiting to greet me with a blinking “2.” After listening to a fellow named Chris try to sell me Direct TV (apparently, he really wanted to catch me at home because we have some of the highest cable rates in the country), there was a message from the Apple Store saying I could come by and pick up my PowerBook. Happy times.

I started working on the laptop around 7 PM last night and finished getting everything installed around 9:30 PM tonight. There was roughly an 18 hour break in the middle of that while I took the time to sleep and go to the office. Certainly better than the 24+ hours of actual work time I needed to get my brother’s ThinkPad working last summer.

Not long after my last posting, I received the serial numbers for Mailsmith and LaunchBar from Bare Bones and Objective Development, respectively. I also had to pester Bare Bones for my Super Get Info serial number, The Omni Group for my Omni Outliner serial number, and Ambrosia Software for my Snapz Pro X and Uplink serials. Yes, I am going to burn a backup copy of my email once I finish this posting 🙂

1111 Unread The hardest part about getting up and running again isn’t installing the software, it’s configuring everything “just right.” First off, I had to remember which RSS feeds I subscribed to in NetNewsWire. Since I hadn’t read any feeds in about a week, I had plenty of catching up to do.

Most of tonight was spent getting Mailsmith just the way I wanted it. Apparently, I redesigned my mailbox hierarchy within the last year, so it took an hour or two to recreate the mailboxes and filters. I do miss my highly-effective SpamSieve corpus, but I guess I’ll just have to start over in that regard.

One thing this experience has done is convince my to renew my .mac account. After initially fearing I’d lost my whole address book, I remembered it was synced to .mac. When I was looking for an obscure link after reinstalling Safari, I remember all my bookmarks were synced to .mac. Throw in the little games like Solitaire and Alchemy, which I would probably never buy but can spend hours playing once I start, and a $50 gift like The Sims and I definitely think it’s worth the money. At this point, the email address is like a nice throw-in.

I’m sure there are a few things I’ve forgotten about, but I’ll come across those things in the next few weeks. Right now, I’m just happy to have my PowerBook back.

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