Happy 30th, Nomar

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2003 @ 11:20 pm | Sports

Absit Invidia:

Nomar does something for fans that is rarely mentioned. He inspires confidence. Maybe you’d have to be a Red Sox fan to fully appreciate this but we tend, by nature and experience, towards pessimism. We’ve been in the situation a million times. Important game, down by a run, a couple of outs on the board and one man on. If Christ himself came to bat in that situation you could bet your last dollar that fans all across New England would be saying, “Damn, he’s gonna blow it!” We just instinctively believe that things will never go our way. (Ironically, when we’re playing the Yankees we have every confidence in them to pull it out in a similar situation.)

Last Saturday’s game was very similar to this scenario, except it was 2 down in the 9th and nobody on. Nomar singled, stole second, and scored on a Manny Ramirez single.

Happy 30th, Nomar.

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