Wish(list)ful Thinking

Wednesday, July 9th, 2003 @ 7:58 pm | Programming

I’ve been playing around with the Amazon.com Web Services because I’ve come up with an idea for carrying around Wishlists when I’m away from my computer.

I’ve made pretty good progress, but I’m looking to robustly handle as many product types as possible. Amazon carries so much stuff that I think I’d have a really hard time covering the bredth of Amazon’s of product lines if I tried populating my wishlist with every sort of product.

Instead of trying to become one with the Amazon catalog, I’m going to pose ask my readers (yes, both of you) for help. If you have an Amazon wishlist that contains items other than books and DVDs, I’d be very apprciative if you would share it with me.

To access your wishlist, I need one of two pieces of information:

  • Your wishlist ID
  • The email address associated with your Amazon.com account

The following example of locating the wishlist ID is from Web Services documentation:


In the above URL, the wishlist ID is “19J6Y001ZYYD3”

Your wishlist ID doesn’t seem to appear in the URL when you click the Wishlist link next to your account — to see the ID, I think you need to search for your wishlist by your email address. If anybody knows a better way to find your wishlist ID, please post it here.

So, if you’re willing to share your wishlist, you can either post the info in the comments section of this posting or email it to the Contact address at the top of this page.

2 Responses to “Wish(list)ful Thinking”

  1. Buzz Andersen Says:

    Well, you can look at mine, although I only have one non-BMV item (an electric wok of all things!).

    My wishlist ID is 112FBA21912ZZ. My email is buzz at scifihifi dot com.

    This program sounds pretty cool–I’m curious to see how it comes out.

  2. Sean Says:

    Found you through your GeoTag. Not much in my wishlist, but here it is. 🙂

    Wishlist ID: 190470EKB7XUT Email: sean@trunkmonkey.com