Friday, June 27th, 2003 @ 2:23 am | Digital Rights

The National Do Not Call Registry is now accepting registrations and they’re making it really easy — just go to their web site, type in your phone numbers (up to 3) and email address, and click on a link in the registration emails. If you register August 31, your registration will go into effect on October 1. Otherwise, it’s 3 months from the date of your registration.

Between this and things like number portability, the FCC seems to be doing a decent job of acting in the best interests of the consumer. Now, it’s too bad they don’t have much control over the various entertainment industries…

Yeah, number portability’s cool, but it turns out the FTC, not the FCC, is responsible for the Do Not Call Registry. Oh, and the whole media deregulation thing makes the FCC not cool as well.

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