Voice Chatting

Monday, June 23rd, 2003 @ 10:37 pm | Mac

Wow. I just tried out the voice feature of iChat AV by ringing up Garrett. It’s amazing!

After reading Garrett’s posting on the wonder that is voice chat, I opened the iChat menu and looked for the tell-tale phone icon. Garrett was sitting at the top of my buddy list, so I decided to drop him a line.

I selected Garrett from the menu and a dialog popped up asking what type of chat I wanted. I selected voice, a chat dialog popped up, and after a few moments, Garrett and I were connected (I assume that during the few moments prior to the connection, a dialog popped up on Garrett’s system asking if he wanted to chat).

The sound quality was amazing. I had only skimmed the iChat web page, so I hadn’t realized the chat was full-duplex, so I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered this fact. I wasn’t exactly using high end audio equipment — just the speaker and microphone built-in to my TiBook — but everything sounded great. I don’t use speaker phones all that often, but I can definitely say that iChat sounded better than my cell phone.

Garrett’s heard some folks have had sound quality issues with G3 processors, but I haven’t chatted with anybody else yet so I can’t really pass judgement. Maybe I’ll show my folks how to use this. Then again, maybe not.

I did make one concession to sound quality before I started chatting — I turned off my air conditioner. It’s fairly loud and I assume the internal microphone would pick up the background noise. Maybe I’ll subject somebody else to that test on the next hot evening.

I know several folks at WWDC, so I can’t wait to hear their thought’s on the iSight.

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