Slick Rendezvous Tricks

Wednesday, June 18th, 2003 @ 10:44 pm | Mac

Bill Bumgarner:

Then I remembered that hostnames provided within the -L port forwarding specification of ssh are resolved on the machine you are ssh’ing into!

I’ve banged my head against the problem of accessing my in-house network from the outside world many times. Accessing a single machine isn’t a problem, as long as I set up port forwarding ahead of time. However, Bill Bumgarner shows a powerful way to access your entire network from the outside world without needing to memorize IP addresses. I don’t think this is easily accomplished without Rendezvous, so it’s one more example of how OS X really kicks butt at times.

If the old G3 in my bedroom wasn’t so damn loud, I’d try and rig this up in my apartment. Oh well.

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