Reunion Wrapup

Monday, June 16th, 2003 @ 8:52 pm | My World

I can proudly say I managed to survive my reunion. Although I was looking forward to it, not even I could have imagined how well it would go. As I said beforehand, there wasn’t anybody on the list of attendees I was violently opposed to seeing.

Given the small number of people there and the shortness of time (just over 2 days), none of the high school cliques really reappeared. That’s not to say folks weren’t spending time with old friends, but there was very little of the pettiness between the different cliques that was so prevalent when we were younger. I think I spoke to spoke to some folks more during the weekend than I did in the 4 years we were together.

One of the advantages/disadvantages of a 3-day reunion where everybody stays together and nobody is driving is that things can get really wild, especially in the evenings. I burned through a role of pictures that I’m looking forward to getting back from the photo developer, but I have no intention of posting them here — I don’t want to destroy any budding political careers. 🙂

I did end up with an unexpected souvenir from the weekend. Somehow, half the handset from a telephone that went through a dorm window ended up in my car. I think I know how it got there, but I’m not completely certain. Ah, memories.

I managed to keep up my pledge to stay computer-free all weekend. I have was having so much fun and had almost no down-time, so it wasn’t the least bit difficult.

One of the common topics of the weekend was where people ended up after graduation, so I was amused when I hopped online Sunday night and saw this posted to Erik Barzeski’s weblog. One friend was moving to Texas the day after graduation. Another’s going to California next month. One of my former classmates moved to San Diego on a whim, without a job or a place to live, and is having a blast.

As for me, I’m still 20 minutes from where I grew up. The more I heard about my classmates’ experiences, the more I was wondering if I’d made the right decision. Sure, I’m working now, but there were a few months where I toyed with the idea of getting in my car and setting up wherever I felt like stopping. As the weekend progressed, I started running into other people who’re still in the area, including a few I might try to stay keep track of instead of waiting for the 10th reunion… course, we could need those 5 years just to recover from number 5.

Wow. Gramatically, this could be one of the worst entries I’ve ever penned. The only changes are some grammatical fixes. Also, this should give me a chance to check out NetNewsWire‘s new feature for handling updated entries.

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