Wednesday, May 28th, 2003 @ 9:27 pm | TiVo


TiVo is working on a new version of the Mac OS X software for its Home Media Option that will let users stream AAC music files to their TiVo Digital Video Recorder (DVR), in addition to the already supported MP3 format. “We are working with Apple on a solution to support the AAC file format while also honoring the rights of copyright holders,” a TiVo spokesperson told MacMinute.

This is great news for us Mac/TiVo users. As soon as iTunes 4.0 was released, the lack of AAC support, both protected and unprotected, quickly became the largest shortcoming of the Home Media Option. Representatives from TiVo claimed that since iTunes 4.0 was released after the HMO, TiVo was not required to support the format. However, I’ve been expecting an announcement like this since Apple started selling TiVos in Apple Stores last week.

Furthermore, it looks like TiVo and Apple are working on a method that will enable the HMO to work with both unprotected AAC files and the protected files purchased from the iTunes Music Store. Whether the solution will be involve using a TiVo as one of your three authorized “computers” or if you stream to unlimited TiVos (like you can copy to unlimited iPods) remains to be seen.

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