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Wednesday, May 21st, 2003 @ 7:50 pm | iPod

Sites like Erik Barzeski’s NSLog() and Todd Dominey’s What Do I Know? have a list of songs they’ve recently played in iTunes. They accomplish this via with application called Kung-Tunes.

I’d like to do something like this on my site, but the problem is I rarely use iTunes anymore. Ever since I bought my iPod, I’ve probably used it about 85% of the time I’ve listened to my digital music.

So here’s what I’d like to see — an application I can run when my iPod’s connected to my PowerBook that reads the iPod database and finds the last X recently played tracks, based on the Last Played time. Then let me export this list as a web page, based on a customizable template.

Assuming that the iPod works the same as iTunes with regards to the Last Played time, this would have the added advantage of not listing songs you skipped after hearing the first 5 seconds.

I’ve only looked at a few Macintosh iPod utilities, but so far PodWorks is the only one I’ve seen that actually reads the iPod database. So, Buzz, any chance we could see something like this in the future?

Another approach would involve creating a Smart Playlist in iTunes that contains the last X tracks played, exporting the playlist as either a text or XML files, parsing the file, and converting the results to HTML. It’s probably possible to automate part of this process, but it doesn’t sound nearly as slick as getting the data directly from the iPod.

2 Responses to “iPod Recently Played”

  1. Buzz Andersen Says:

    Eric, Thanks much for the feedback. I have actually considered adding a feature like that, but wasn’t sure how much interest there would be. Now that I know there is some, however, I will definitely look into adding it!

  2. whois Says:

    Count me in please.