Safari for Windows Users

Sunday, May 18th, 2003 @ 10:18 pm | Mac

A friend of mine was playing around with my TiBook the other night. He’s an old time Mac user, but he’s been away from the platform for several years now. First, it was RPI‘s engineering program, now it’s his grad school.

He had three complaints about Safari. First, the name — I had to show him which program in the Dock was the web browser. Second, the Java AIM client wouldn’t work — the Pop-Up blocker was stopping the AIM window before it opened. Finally, he couldn’t figure out how to go to a web address.

You see, my friend would type the URL into the address bar, hit the Enter key, and try to figure out why “http” was getting selected instead. After containing my laughter, I told him the tale of NSSchizophrenicTextFieldAndProgressIndicator.

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