Java 1.5

Sunday, May 11th, 2003 @ 10:46 pm | Programming

The new language features all have one thing in common: they take some common idiom and provide linguistic support for it. In other words, they shift the responsibility for writing the boilerplate code from the programmer to the compiler. Because the source code is now free of this boilerplate, it’s easier to write and read. Because the compiler, unlike the programmer, never makes mistakes, the resulting code is also more likely to be free of bugs.

Java was the first useful programming language I learned (I’m not counting Pascal and TI-82 BASIC), so it’s really interesting to watch it evolve over time.

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  1. Sci-Fi Hi-Fi Says:


    Eric Blair posted a link last night to an interesting interview with Joshua Bloch, a major architect of the upcoming Java 1.5 release (a.k.a. Tiger).