Sunday, April 20th, 2003 @ 6:20 pm | Sports

I just finished watching the Red Sox come back from a 5 — 0 deficit against the Toronto Blue Jays to win 6 — 5 on a walk-off home run by Nomar Garciaparra.

It was the first walk-off homer into the Green Monster seats. It was also Nomar’s 150th home run. Nice way to do it.

My parents went to this game. They had absolutely amazing seats behind the third-base on-deck circle — we have a friend with season tickets and he didn’t want to go to a ball game on Easter Sunday. I figure my folks must have left after the 5th inning, because that’s when the Sox started scoring.

I’ll have to ask Mom and Dad how those all-red uniforms look up close.

As nice as the comeback was, none of the late fireworks would have mattered if it weren’t for the bullpen. 3 innings of shutout pitching, started by Ramiro Mendoza (ESPN has to get a picture of him without a Yankees cap), who’d just been battered before today’s game. Mike Timlin pitched the 8th and 9th, getting the win and picking up 4 strikeouts in the process. Bob Rodgers, the anchor of NESN‘s post-game show, pointed out that the Sox bullpen hasn’t given up a run in 13 innings.

NESN showed a bit of the Grady Little post-game press conference and he came up with the quote of the day when asked about Nomar’s home run: Yeah, we were certainly glad he hit a home run instead of a single, cause I hated to see Manny [Ramirez] bunt.

Well said.

This entry was written just after the game ended, but I couldn’t access the site until almost 11 PM. I’m backdating the entry time to when I actually wrote this.

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