Opening Day and a Playoff Birth

Tuesday, April 1st, 2003 @ 12:01 am | Sports

For the third year in a row, Pedro picked up a no-decision on Opening Day. From now on, I think a new policy is in order — let the 5th starter pitch on Opening Day. Get the bullpen implosion out of the way, then let Pedro dominate on day 2. Why waste what more often will be a dominant pitching effort?

Devil Rays 6, Red Sox 3.

For the record, I still think the Sox’ bullpen by committee will work. If it doesn’t, at least it’ll cost less, per capita, than last year’s disaster.

I need you to save my job. Will you help me?

In a slightly more important game, the Bruins tied the Lightning 2 — 2. While I’d love for the Sox to go 162 — 0, it was much more important for the Bruins not to lose than for the Sox to win. I know one has nothing to do with the other, but it seems like a nice bit of synergy.

Actually, the Bruin’s game was one of the better games I’ve seen in a while. It also provides more proof that Mike O’Connell was right to fire Robbie Ftorek. There’s been a marked improvement in the Bruin’s play since the coaching change.

The tie, combined with the New York Ranger’s defeat, means the Bruins are back in the playoffs.

In vaguely related news, John Buccigross is back covering hockey for after a 4 month absence. Buccigross seems to fill the mandatory “quirky” columnist position among the hockey writers. I happen to think he’s very good at it and am glad he’s back in time for the playoffs.

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