Sweet Lou

Friday, March 28th, 2003 @ 1:33 am | Sports

It’s rare that a backup middle infielder generates nearly as much press as Lou Merloni has over the last few years. However, Lou was living out the dream of many New England youngsters — growing up in the shadow of Fenway Park and later playing for the Olde Towne Team.

Due to Major League Baseball’s somewhat arcane rules dealing with player options and waivers, Lou bounced between Boston and Pawtucket, with a side trip to Japan, while such memorable players as Gary Gaetti and Craig Grebeck headed up to Fenway from Spring Training. Granted, those gentlemen had fine careers, but they didn’t have a whole lot left by the time they got to Boston — Grebeck by far had the higher batting average of the pair and he only hit .049.

Now that the Sox have perhaps their deepest team in years, Lou’s time in Boston is done. The San Diego Padres claimed Lou off waivers and expect him to make the major league roster. It looks like a great career move for Merloni, as he should get more playing time on a National League roster. For a number of New England dreamers, though, it’s time to once again deal with reality.

3 days till Opening Day.

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