bbhexdiff 1.1

Friday, March 28th, 2003 @ 7:10 pm | Programming

I just updated the relevant pages now, but I posted a minor bug fix for bbhexdiff at around 11:30 this morning. The main bug was that different files with the same name would try to create both temporary hex files in the same location.

I changed this so that the hex dump of the old file has the suffix “.hexo” and the hex dump of the new file has the suffix “.hexn.”

You wouldn’t have seen this if you used either the -o or -n options. However, you would have seen some debugging code that printed out the name of the hex dump files. This code has been removed.

I also added code to make sure both hex dumps aren’t the same. With the old code, you would have received a warning from BBEdit if you tried to compare a file to itself. However, if you were comparing large files, this could take some time. As a result of this change, the warning occurs much sooner.

Update: I just reread the entry and noticed I wasn’t entirely clear about the new file extensions. They’re only applied if you don’t use the -o or -n options. If you specify your own names for the hex dumps, the script does not modify your names.

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