Wednesday, March 12th, 2003 @ 4:09 am | Programming

Steven Frank:

Cabel and Dave recently undertook the mammoth task of cropping and printing out all of the pictures on a tiny HP photo printer. Then they stuck them to our office wall.

Having never been west of Chicago, I’m not up on the wall. Once I saw the pictures, though, I thought this was an insanely cool idea for two reasons.

For starters, I really like the way the block of photos look on the white wall. Had they pictures been placed randomly, it might be easier to ignore them. The large block really catches your attention.

Arguably more important is the psychological impact of seeing or hearing from your customers. Whether its pictures from MacWorld, actively participating in email lists dedicated to your product, or running a weblog where you share your progress with the world, this contact with your users can keep you help you remember why you’re writing code for hours on end. I’ve found that when I keep this in mind, the quality of my work tends to greatly improve.

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