PerversionTracker Tackles Opera

Tuesday, February 25th, 2003 @ 1:57 am | Mac

PerversionTracker, seemingly everybody’s newest favorite site, tackles the abomination that is Opera on the Mac:

Using Opera is like slipping on a comfortable pair of shoes, and then discovering that your formerly comfortable shoes have been surreptitiously filled with broken glass.


Perhaps by properly alienating their user base, they can ensure minimal market share for this browser among influential Mac-using web designers. Brilliant, Opera. Simply unsurpassed technique! The only way this winning strategy could be improved is if the browser would transmit a fatal case of chilblains directly to the user.

The folks over PerversionTracker have hit the nail on the head. Last time I used it, Opera for Windows was a decent program. The first 5 minutes I spent playing with the Mac version left me wanting to claw out my eyes. Fortunately, Opera crashed regularly, so I never actually got to the point of inflicting pain on myself or others.

Opera falls into that group of companies that just doesn’t get it. Simply porting a decent Windows application to the Mac doesn’t mean it will be a decent Mac program. Even games, which often take up the whole screen and completely obscure the underlying operating system, must change to fit the Mac environment.

Looking at Opera’s efforts on the Mac and listening to their chief executive whine about Safari earlier this year, one thing is eminently clear to me — Microsoft has a better handle on developing Macintosh software than does Opera. And for a company that clearly hates Microsoft, that might be the most insulting thing one can say.

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